NSBEpreneur Podcast, produced by STEMedia

Episode 6 – It’s Not Complicated: INC Tutoring is making a direct impact in the lives of students. (Interview w/ Jay Veal)

December 6, 2015

Jay Veal is the Founder and CEO of INC Tutoring, a private, prescriptive tutoring company specializing in individual one-on-one tutoring that achieves RESULTS. Serving clients at all academic levels in math, science and standardized test preparation, their tutors are passionate about providing a collaborative learning environment specifically tailored to the student’s learning style. The curriculum is not a “one size fits all” cookie cutter template but a holistic one that includes input from parents teachers and the student to develop lessons that foster accelerated learning/ which equals lower customer cost. INC Tutoring is one of the most sought after tutoring organizations and the only minority owned, private, prescriptive tutoring company in the Dallas area. 

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