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Episode 13 – A Business housing the Brilliance of Musical Artist, Speaker, Forest Scientist, Professor, and Pastor Dr. Thomas Easley

February 21, 2016

Dr. Thomas R. Easley is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He has held positions with the US Forest Service and other non-profits. Easley serves as CEO of his business The Easley Branch, LLC and the Director of Community for Diversity in the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University from 2004 to now. Easley earned his undergraduate degree in forest science from Alabama A&M University and his master’s degree in Forest Genetics from Iowa State University, and his doctorate in Adult Education from NC State University, where his research focus was STEM Faculty Perceptions of Matters of Diversity. In his role as the Diversity Director he teaches courses, counsels students, consults with faculty and staff on programming ensuring they are inclusive to all populations. With his background in forestry and diversity he has co-taught courses in Sweden on forest practices, and Landscapes in Ecotourism in Ghana, West Africa. Lastly, Dr. Easley is also a musician and is known by RaShad in the world of music.

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